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What is aTimeRecording?

The app aTimeRecording is a time tracking program. It can be used to log and evaluate times.

In the work environment, for example, you can use it to log your own working hours and check the employer's time recording. aTimeRecording was programmed to record work hours and simplify billing and pricing for sole proprietors.

The program runs in the browser, on the smartphone or on the desktop computer. The individual programs are synchronized with each other via the Internet. This makes it possible, for example, to start the time recording with the smartphone, add additional info to the running time recording on the office computer and stop the recording with the laptop in the home.

What is aTimeRecording not?

aTimeRecording is not intended for large companies that want to control their workers. It does not offer team management or enforced break or lunch time tracking. It is not suitable for access control to rooms or objects.

Does aTimeRecording cost anything?

The FREE plan costs nothing and will never cost anything. Captured data older than six months is regularly deleted from the database so that server costs don't eat me up.

There is also the BASIC- and later the PRO plan. Both plans cost a little bit, but offer an added value. I hope that my program is useful to you that you will be happy to pay me a small amount each month. You can find more information about it on the pricing page.

What is the FREE-Plan?

The FREE plan is the free access to aTimeRecording. You can start immediately and enter times into the activity list. These time entries are stored for six months. The stopwatch can be used to record times while doing an activity. With the fast input, times can be entered into the activity list very quickly. It doesn't matter if you do it before or after work. Projects can be used to combine multiple time entries. For example, working times for employers or customers, training times or school. The time entries of each day can be displayed in the activity list and exported as CSV files or table documents (Excel).

The Free plan is ideal to try out aTimeRecording and there is nothing to be said against using aTimeRecording permanently for free.

What is the BASIC-Plan?

In addition to the FREE plan described above, the BASIC plan offers permanent data storage. This means that the time entries are not deleted after six months. In addition to exporting time entries via the activity list, the BASIC plan also provides summary reports over larger periods of time.

The Basic plan is a subscription that helps me develop aTimeRecording and pay the bills for the server rental. If you like aTimeRecording and you want to get some additional services, you can send me a few euros monthly with it.

What is the PRO-Plan?

I am constantly working on the further development of aTimeRecording. There are "plans" to offer additional services that can help make billing with clients easier. For example, creating billing lists as PDF files with your own logo, summarized by projects for clients. I am unfortunately not yet offering this PRO plan.


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